Lithuanian Swingers
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Lithuanian Swingers

Lithuanian Swingers

Spouses Simas and Giedre feel that their sexual life is similar to the buckwheat diet. But one evening they suddenly find themselves in bed with another woman. Giedre after this adventure remains easily confused, and Simas is completely twisted in the head ... The man puts a cart and speaks his wife to sleep with a pair of swingers. Only the swingers themselves and the party in their luxurious home will not be as everyone expected ...


Жанры: Комедии

Актеры: Giedrius Savickas, Deividas Breivė, Ema Čielytė, Gelminė Glemžaitė, Vytautas Kaniušonis, Inga Valinskienė, Martynas Nedzinskas

Режиссеры: Tadas Vidmantas

Авторы сценария:

Cтраны: Литва

Релиз: 2018-10-26


Страны показа: Worldwide

Продолжительность: 89 Min.

Качество: FHD

Язык: Lietuvių

imdb 6.5