A ghost I don't remember
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A ghost I don't remember

A ghost I don't remember

The home of elderly teacher Vilmutė is haunted. And ghost happened to be quite an irritation - it would not let Vilmutė sleep, ruin her insistent routine and... it smokes inside the flat. But ghost did not know that it is messing with a wrong grandmother - Vilmutė's home is her stronghold. So she will do anything it takes to get back the former peace and tranquility of her home.


Genres: Drama

Actors: Gabija Siurbytė, Vaiva Mainelytė, Vitalijus Cololo

Directors: Jonas Trukanas

Writers: Jonas Trukanas

Countries: Lithuania

Release: 2015-03-19


Distribution countries: lt

Duration: 15 Min.

Quality: FHD

Language: Lietuvių